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Greece (August 2018)
Fashion show (June 2018)
Fashion show
Lights (December 2017)
Teachers strike (January 2016)
Teachers strike
Indiana (April 2015)
Chicago (April 2015)
Niagara (April 2015)
Liberty Park, New Jersey (March 2015)
Liberty Park, New Jersey
Christmas cactus (November 2014)
Christmas cactus
Liptovská Mara (August 2013)
Liptovská Mara
Double rainbow in BB (April 2013)
Double rainbow in BB
Trip to U.S. (February 2013)
Trip to U.S.
Winter and snow (February 2013)
Winter and snow
Winter and snow (December 2012)
Winter and snow
Teachers' strike in Banská Bystrica (November 2012)
Teachers' strike in Banská Bystrica
The Orloj (October 2012)
The Orloj
Mallorca (July 2012)
Štefánik's plane in Bratislava Airport (June 2012)
Štefánik's plane in Bratislava Airport
This picture reminds me of Klimt's painting The Park (May 2012)
This picture reminds me of Klimt's painting The Park
Nakydalo sa! (February 2012)
Nakydalo sa!
A ešte jedna sýkorka (February 2012)
A ešte jedna sýkorka

This album includes subalbums:
Desmod; New York & Vieques 2009; Titbirds & snow; Spring; Richard Müller; Chata; Mallorca; Bojnice; Prague; Winter and snow; Stužková; Miscellaneous 2013; From bike; At the bus stop; Robbie Williams; Tatranská Lomnica; Liptovská Mara; Miscellaneous 2014; Prague; Hríby; Liptovský Michal; Fragile; Tutankhamun, exhibition in Bratislava; In school; Miscellaneous 2015; Winter; Teachers strike; Winter 2016/2017; Dudince; Fugerov Dvor; Winter; Silvester v New Yorku; Birmingham; Demonstrations; Miscellaneous 2018; Gavurky - oak park; Vychádzka; England; Turičný jarmok Slovenská Ľupča 2018 - 18. ročník; Fashion show;

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