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Finally, my driver license has arrived
Finally, my driver license has arrived

Miscellaneous picture 29522

Tomáš cooked today
Tomáš cooked today

Miscellaneous picture 29521

My boys cook every day...I enjoy
My boys cook every day...I enjoy

We got the first snow of the season
We gotfirst snowthe season

Miscellaneous picture 29560

Airplain is about to hit the moon
Airplain is about to hitmoon

Miscellaneous picture 29615

Tomáš discovered the game of his youth
Tomáš discoveredgamehis youth


Miscellaneous picture 29743

Miscellaneous picture 29741

Miscellaneous picture 29742

K-9 police searching the neighborhood
K-9 police searchingneighborhood

What a pleasant surprise!
Whatpleasant surprise!

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