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Castles picture 41783
Devín Castle
Album: Devín

Castles picture 33956
Orava Castle
Album: Orava

Castles picture 33135
Kremnica Town Castle
Album: Day 9 - Reunion

Main gate
Main gate at Pustý hrad
Album: Pustý hrad

Likava Castle
Likava Castle
Album: Orava

Ľupča Castle - we stopped next to the road and took some pictures from distance
Ľupča Castle at night
Album: Brezno

View from Klopačka
Banská Štiavnica - Old Castle
Album: The Old Castle

Castles picture 37143
Banská Štiavnica - New Castle
Album: New Castle

The Small Court
Nitra Castle
Album: Nitra

Castles picture 41574

Album: Bojnice

Kopčany - church from the times of Great Moravia
Album: Another trip to Slovakia

Castles picture 31112
Town Castle in Banská Bystrica
Album: Banská Bystrica

Lower castle
Lower castle
Album: Pustý hrad

Castles picture 8435
Bratislava Castle before renovation
Album: Bratislava Castle and Concathedral

Morning farewell to Slovakia, on my way to the airport
Renovated Bratislava Castle
Album: Europe

From Bradlo, we have seen four castles - the one at the distance is the famous Čachtice Castle
From Bradlo, we have seen four castles - the one at the distance is the famous Čachtice Castle
Album: Brezová pod Bradlom

Castles picture 34262
Album: Miscellaneous

The whole old town is walled
Levoča - old town is encircled by walls
Album: Levoča


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