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Waterland in Thessaloniki

One day, when we had enough of the sea, we went to the aquapark near the city of Thessaloniki. By the way, that's the city from where Constantine and Methodius came to Great Moravia in 863 AD.

July 1997; Total 9 photos; Where is it?

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2707

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2708

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2709

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2719

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2712

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2715

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2716

Katka on tobogan
Katka on tobogan

Waterland in Thessaloniki picture 2717

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