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El Yunque

Tropical rainforest

July 2005; Total 15 photos; Where is it?

El Yunque picture 3246

Fern of the size of a tree
Fern of the size of a tree

La Coca
La Coca

El Yunque picture 3249

El Yunque picture 3250

El Yunque picture 3251

El Yunque picture 3260


El Yunque picture 3261

El Yunque picture 3262

El Yunque picture 3255

El Yunque picture 3256

El Yunque picture 3257

Cocos palm roots around a rock...
Cocos palm roots around a rock...

Bloom in rainforest
Bloom in rainforest

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Visitor brochure with map
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El Yunque National Forest - satelite map, actual weather in the area, Wikipedia

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