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Maine - visiting Pauline (April 2003)
Maine - visiting Pauline
Jojo took a picture of me in tunnel on the way to Ďurova Skala (May 2003)
Jojo took a picture of me in tunnel on the way to Ďurova Skala
Dolný Kubín (June 2003)
Dolný Kubín
Halloween - Tsutomu & Svetlana (October 2003)
Halloween - Tsutomu & Svetlana
UNO Security Council (December 2003)
UNO Security Council
Last day in school (December 2003)
Last day in school
One more look from a distance (December 2003)
One more look from a distance

This album includes subalbums:
Farewell at the beginning of the year; Puerto Rico; Slovak Ball; Radošinci; Kaniža; Maine - visiting Pauline; Five Boro Bike Tour 2003; Return from America; High school reunion after 20 years; New Jersey; 'From a fairy tale to a fairy tale'; Nohavica's concert; School photos 2003; Ďurova Skala; Tomáš's school trip; Jojo's school trip; Mom's 60th Birthday; Dolný Kubín; Miriam; 4th of July - The Independence day; Ascalona Camp; Mangia; Tomáš's new haircut; Paťo on creek; Streetball Martin - Sunny Cup 2003; At Work - IVeS Banská Bystrica; Moving to NYC; Katarína's birthday; Halloween party in my ESL class; Halloween; Halloween Party; Total eclipse of the Moon; Hummer; Thanksgiving Day; Snowing in NYC; Visit to the UNO; Victoria's Party; Christmas Show; International Party; Slovaks in NYC; Snowman; Manhattan's Christmas ; Holidays 2003; Bronx ZOO - Bronx Lights;

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