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Whom we met

Beside the family we met with many of our friends. Here is only a short overview. Pictures are sorted by time.

August 2006; Total 6 photos; Where is it?

Whom we met picture 7937
Rasťo Hovorič
Album: Miscellaneous

Whom we met picture 8134
Maťo Huba with his family
Album: Saturday morning and midday

Vlado Vaňo
Vlado Vaňo
Album: Kremnica's gags - Thursday

Whom we met picture 8399
Ďuro Majer
Album: The pub in Dolná Ves

HS Classmates - Zolo, Zdena and their spouses
Zolo, Zdenka with partners
Album: Kremnica's gags - Sunday

Bíleš sisters
Bíleš sisters
Album: Dolná Ves

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