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Album: Empire State Building

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Album:  Empire State Building

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ESB (picture #20685)Barborka, person's name withheld, Juraj, and others, Barbora Voskárová , Barborka Voskárová , Barbie Voskárová, Barbora Voskárová , Barborka Voskárová , Barbie Voskárová,

Juraj Voskár , Jurko Voskár , Ďurko Juro Ďuro Ďuri, Juraj Jurko Ďurko Juro Ďuro Voskár, 86th floor na vrchole vo vnútri budovy, inside on the top , , Empire State Building mrakodrap mrakodrapy E.S.B., skyscraper skyscrapers
skyscrapper skyscrappers
ESB Impire Bilding, , 34th street Ul., Str Str., (newyorkská), , Midtown centrálny stredný stred mesta, central middle, , Manhattan Manhattane manhatanský manhattanský manhathen Menhetten Manhetten, Manhathan Manhatan Manhattane Manhatane Manhaten Menhetn Menheten, mrakodrap, skyscraper city Gotham, , New York City NYC, Mesto New York,

v New Yorku,
Yourk, N.Y. N. Y. NYC NewYork, Nový York, metropola veľkomesto, megapolis Big Apple Gotham, , NY New York, Štát New York, New York State, , USA US U S A
Spojené Štáty Americké Amerika, US U.S.A.
United States of America, View to: Queens,

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