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Album: Bowling

Bowling picture 29240
November 2011,  by Katka Nemčoková  ©
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Album:  Bowling

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Bowling (picture #29240)Jaro Nemčok, "Jaro Nemčok" , "Jaroslav Nemčok" , "Jaroslav Nemcok" , Jaro Nemčok , Jaroslav Nemčok, Jaroslav Nemčok , Jaro Jarko Jarino , Hlucho Frico , (Yaro Yaroslav Yaroslaw Jaroslaw Jardo Jarda Nemcok), Coram Country Lanes bowling, kuželky, , Selden , Long Island , NY New York, Štát New York, New York State, , USA US U S A
Spojené Štáty Americké Amerika, US U.S.A.
United States of America,, bowling,

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