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Album: New Year, Hunter

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Album:  New Year, Hunter

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...and the whole house is dancingperson's name withheld, Braňo Novák, Jaro Nemčok, person's name withheld, Stelka Novak, Mateo Stachura, Lenka Stachurová, person's name withheld, and others just partialy, Braňo Novák , Branislav Novák , (Braňo Novack Nowak), Braňo Novák , Branislav Novák , Branko,

Jaro Nemčok , Jaroslav Nemčok, Jaro Nemcok , (Yaro Yaroslav Jaroslaw), Jaro Nemčok , Jarino Jarko , Hlucho,

Stella Novak , Stela Novak , Stela Novaková, Stela Novak,

Mateo Stachura, Mateo Stachura , Maťko, u Makov , Hunter , Catskills pohorie vrchy kopce, mountain mountains hills, (Catskill Mountains), Upstate upstate New York, , NY New York, Štát New York, New York State, , USA US U S A
Spojené Štáty Americké Amerika, US U.S.A.
United States of America,,

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