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Album: Parrot Fish for a dinner

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Album:  Parrot Fish for a dinner

This page has been last changed on May 2006
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Parrot Fish (picture #6540)Jojo Nemčok, Tomáš Nemčok, Jojo Nemčok , Jozef Nemčok , (Joško Joseph Nemčok) , (Josef Nemcok) , Jožko (Yoseph Yozef) , (Joe Nemčok Joey Nemcok), Jojo Nemčok , Jozef Jojko Jožinko Dodo Jožko Jojino , Jojko Nemčok,

Tomáš Nemčok , Tomáško Nemčok , Tomino , Thomas Nemcok kuk kukloprd, Tomáš Nemčok , Tomáško Nemčok , Tomino Nemčok , Tomík Nemčok , Tominko Nemčok , Kukloprdoš kukloprd, Casa Tres Amigos casatresamigos, , Bravos de Boston , Vieques Island Karibik, karibský ostrov viekes biekes vieque vieke vieque wieque viequos viekos viekes IslaNena vieqies viesques wiegues, Caribbean, Caribic, Karibic, Caribik Vieqes wieques wiekes wieqes vieqes viequez vieaques viecques vieckes wiecques wieckes bieques
Biéke viecues viekues vieskes viegues, "tropický ostrov", "tropical island" "Isla Nena" (islanena islan3na viequesisland), (Isla de Vieques, Biéke), Puerto Rico PR
porto riko
puetro ricoo
na Portoriku
z Portorika
Portorický, Pto Rico
estado de PR P.R.
Puetro Ricko
Puorto Ricco
Puerto Rican
del Encanto, kolónia
Estado Libre Asociado
Isla Grande
La Isla del Encanto
Borinquen Boriken Borikén Boriquén Boruquén, Commonwelth
Estado Libre Asociado
Main Island
Enchanted Isle ,,

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