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We gladly share our work published on this website. However, all and every part of this website is copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License and under the following conditions:

Published Pictures

Pictures copyrighted by nemcok.sk
You may use a picture free of charge for any purpose only where the picture copyright is held by nemcok.sk (as attributed on the picture). You do not need any other permission if you follow the rules listed here.

For any use of a picture you must visibly and clearly attribute http://nemcok.sk/ as the source. In addition, you must include in the attribution the name of the picture author if the name is present next to or under the picture on that picture page. The attribution should be similar to what you see on big picture pages at nemcok.sk website.

If used online or on electronic media the attribution must include an active link to nemcok.sk website. The link must be in one of the following forms:
  • http://nemcok.sk/?pic=XXXX (where XXXX stands for the id of the picture used)
  • http://nemcok.sk/?pic=XXXX&language=LL (where LL stands for a language code - currently nemcok.sk supports English(en) and Slovak(sk) languages)
  • http://nemcok.sk/?album=YYY (where YYY stands for the id of the album of the published picture)
  • http://nemcok.sk/?album=YYY&language=LL

  • If used in printed media (newspapers, books, etc.), mail one copy of it to the picture author. Mailing addresses may be obtained by request at copyright[at]nemcok[dot]sk

    Pictures copyrighted by other entities
    For using pictures where the copyright holder differs from nemcok.sk you have to contact the respective copyright holder. Send email to copyright[at]nemcok[dot]sk for the respective contact information.

    Published Videos

    Videos published on this site are copyrighted under the same conditions as pictures.

    Other Content

    You can NEVER use any other part of the website without a written permission. That includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other source codes, graphic icons, buttons, overall design of the website, as well as all other parts not mentioned before excluding only the published pictures and videos as described above.


    Please, feel free to contact us at webmaster[at]nemcok[dot]sk and let us know if you use our pictures.