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The Vieques Beaches

Vieques is full of beautiful beaches of all sizes on both, Caribbean and Atlantic, sides. You will find one for you no matter what your preference is - whether it's snorkeling, beach walking, sunbathing, enjoying big waves or calm surface... And chances are you will be the only one on the beach.

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Caribbean side
Sun Bay
Sun Bay - the poscard beach
Album: Sun Bay

The Vieques Beaches picture 22078
Once more Sun Bay
Album: Day 17 - the painters, Navio, etc.

La Playa Grande - Grand Beach
Playa Grande - perfect for long walks
Album: Grand Beach (Playa Grande)

It's a good bodysurfing on such huge waves
Navio - fun in waves
Album: On the beach and in the waves

The Vieques Beaches picture 15622
Playa Novillo - accessible by kayak
Album: Playa Novillo

The Vieques Beaches picture 16285
Blue Beach - snorkeling, water games
Album: Blue Beach

The Vieques Beaches picture 17076
Red Beach - family beach
Album: Red Beach

The Vieques Beaches picture 17719
Playa Negrita - the beach with black sand
Album: Playa Negrita - the black sand beach

The Vieques Beaches picture 19691
Playuela and the tiny Cayo Melones
Album: Playuela

The Vieques Beaches picture 28403
Pata Prieta (the Secret Beach)
Album: Saturday

The Vieques Beaches picture 10596
La Plata, Ensanada Honda
a.k.a. Orchid Beach or Silver Beach
Album: La Plata Beach

We have the beach - as usualy - solely for us...
Esperanza - just few steps from bars and restaurants at El Malecón, perfect snorkeling under the old pier
Album: Old pier area in Esperanza

The Vieques Beaches picture 11666
Media Luna - family beach, almost no waves
Album: Navio & Media Luna Beaches

Atlantic side
The Vieques Beaches picture 12203
La Chata - snorkeling, evening beach walking
Album: Sea waves

Bird on a reef
Playa Muerta - very good snorkeling
Album: Beach near the capital city of Isabel Segunda

View from Mosquito toward the Main Island
Mosquito Pier - superior snorkeling in a shallow water
Album: Vieques - Christmas 2006

The Vieques Beaches picture 17498
Green Beach - the Westernmost point of the island with view to El Yunque
Album: Green Beach

Punta Caballo
Punta Caballo
Album: Punta Caballo Beach and road crossing the island

The Vieques Beaches picture 19354
El Pobre
Album: How we discovered an unknown beach

Gringo Beach
Gringo Beach - for lazy tourists, just of the main road
Album: Next to the road

Click to a beach name under the pictures above to see more beautifull photos from the beach. See also El Malecón in Esperanza, and more:

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