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October 2014; Total 15 photos+3 subalbums; Where is it?

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Magyar Nemzeti Galéria
National Gallery (October 2014)
National Gallery

Országház - Parliament (October 2014)
Országház - Parliament

Citadella (October 2014)

Matthias Church
Matthias Church (October 2014)
Matthias Church
October 2014 Saint Stephen Crown (October 2014)
Saint Stephen Crown
October 2014 October 2014

Saint Stephen Church
Dome of St. Stephen's Basilica (October 2014)
Dome of St. Stephen's Basilica

Boating on Danube
October 2014
October 2014 October 2014 October 2014 October 2014 October 2014

This album includes subalbums:
Magyar National Gallery
Fisherman Bastion

Next Album: Concert "Hlasy II"

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Budapest - satelite map, actual weather in the area, Wikipedia

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