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Trip to Slovakia - August 2006

We have about 4000 pictures taken in August. I present here only few hunderds. It is almost finished but some few days at the end of trip.

August - September 2006; Total 10 photos+8 subalbums; Where is it?

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45th Anniversary of Wedding (August 2006)
45th Anniversary of Wedding
Folk group Vrštek (August 2006)
Folk group Vrštek
Church in Špania Dolina (August 2006)
Church in Špania Dolina
Dolná Ves (August 2006)
Dolná Ves
Dolný Kubín (August 2006)
Dolný Kubín
The First Day (August 2006)
The First Day
First part is leaving (August 2006)
First part is leaving
The star of the day is working (August 2006)
The star of the day is working
The star of the night (August 2006)
The star of the night
Uncle Róbert in Podlužany (August 2006)
Uncle Róbert in Podlužany

This album includes subalbums:
Family meetings
Country of Slovakia
Michal's pictures
Tomáš's pictures
Jojo's pictures

Next Album: Vietnamese restaurant

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Slovakia - actual weather in the area

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