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St. Croix

More pictures will come as I will have time...

August 2010; Total 9 photos+5 subalbums; Where is it?

Welcome to St. Croix
After 2 and a half hour on the route VQS-SIG-STT-STX
Album: On the way there VQS-SIG-STT-STX

St. Croix picture 25287
Sunset at a sailboat
Album: Sunset sail

St. Croix picture 25477
Galangal Restaurant
Album: Dinner

St. Croix picture 25288
Buck Island Reef National Monument
Album: Buck Island Reef National Monument

St. Croix picture 25501
Fort Christiansvaern
Album: Christiansvaern - the fort

St. Croix picture 25430
Salt River Bay
Album: Salt River Bay

St. Croix picture 25289
The Botanical Garden
Album: St. George Village Botanical Gardens

Barrels of rum
The Cruzan Rum - barrels, and barrels, and yet more barrels full of rum
Album: The Cruzan Rum Distillery

St. Croix picture 25341
Sunset in Frederiksted
Album: Sunset in Frederiksted

This album includes subalbums:
Day 1 - arrival, barbecue on the beach, ...
Day 2 - snorkeling, sunset sail, ...
Day 3 - Buck Island, the fort, ...
Day 4 - the trip to West, Botanical Garden, The Cruzan, Cane Bay, sunset in Frederiksted, ...
Day 5 - Christiansted town, lunch at Lalita, departure,...

Next Album: Pittsburgh

External Links:
St. Croix - satelite map, actual weather in the area

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