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Katarína's classmates, colleagues, and friends

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Stužková (December 1986)
Stužková (December 1986)
Friends - the yearbook photo (Spring 1987)
Friends - the yearbook photo
Graduation Pictures (Spring 1987)
Graduation Pictures
Folk ensamble 'Hron' in Drachten 4/18/1992 (April 1992)
Folk ensamble 'Hron' in Drachten 4/18/1992
Nederland (April 1992)
Ján Cikker's Academic Choir (May 1999)
Ján Cikker's Academic Choir
ZŠ Jastrabá (June 2001)
ZŠ Jastrabá
SheepsHead Bay HS Senior Field Day (January 2007)
SheepsHead Bay HS Senior Field Day

This album includes subalbums:
Kindergarten Banská Bystrica
Elementary school Banská Bystrica
High School
FS Spievanky
EF SVŠT Bratislava
Folk ensamble Hron
Eagle Springs
Matej Bel Univerzity Banská Bystrica
ZŠ Jastrabá
Slovakia 2006
Sheepshead Bay HS
Touro College
Goldstein HS

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Katka Voskárová, Katarína's classmates, colleagues, and friends, Katkini spolužiaci, kolegovia a kamaráti

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