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Finally, my driver license has arrived (January 2012)
Finally, my driver license has arrived
Snow (January 2012)
New York Aquarium (January 2012)
New York Aquarium
Garage (February 2012)
Bird feeder (February 2012)
Bird feeder
A ešte jedna sýkorka (February 2012)
A ešte jedna sýkorka
Saturday (February 2012)
Hudson River Valey (February 2012)
Hudson River Valey
Cornbeef (March 2012)
Customers (March 2012)
Boat trip (April 2012)
Boat trip
Zip-lining at Toro Verde (April 2012)
Zip-lining at Toro Verde
Montreal (June 2012)
Father's Day (June 2012)
Father's Day
Sail-ship made of sand (June 2012)
Sail-ship made of sand
Beach Day (July 2012)
Beach Day
The last gluten-free beer. Housecleaning the past. (July 2012)
The last gluten-free beer. Housecleaning the past.
Carnival (July 2012)
Delaware @ Ascalona (July 2012)
Delaware @ Ascalona
Ascalona (July 2012)
That's a view (July 2012)
That's a view
Vienna (August 2012)
On bicycles (August 2012)
On bicycles
Fire Island (August 2012)
Fire Island
Pennsylvania (September 2012)
Hurricane Sandy (October 2012)
Hurricane Sandy
Trip to Slovakia (November 2012)
Trip to Slovakia
Leaves (November 2012)
Los Bopers (December 2012)
Los Bopers

This album includes subalbums:
Miscellaneous; Petra in NY; New York Aquarium; Garage; Bird feeder; Hunter; Miscellaneous; Visit to the Jaraczs; Cornbeef; Puerto Rico; Jaraczovci u nás; Slovak Fashion Night; Esperanza; Czech & Slovak Festival; Venus Transit; Montreal; Father's Day; Sand "castle"; Jojo's B-Day; Miscellaneous; Thunderstorm; Roof; Unplanned trip to Ohio; Beach Day; 4th of July Fireworks; Montreal; Vieques; Ascalona; Weekend in Vienna; On bicycles; Weekend; Fire Island; BBQ etc...; Brighton Beach; Labor Day; Long Island; Pennsylvania; Oto 40; Slovakia; Hurricane Sandy; Velvet Revolution Party; Leaves; Thanksgiving Day; Puerto Rico; Miscellaneous; Holidays;

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