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January - December 2015; Total 12 photos+59 subalbums;
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Wall Street on the way to work (January 2015)
Wall Street on the way to work
Reflection (March 2015)
Liberty Park, New Jersey (March 2015)
Liberty Park, New Jersey
Roadtrip (April 2015)
We have seen many such a road (April 2015)
We have seen many such a road
Noah? (April 2015)
Church of St. Margaret of Antioch from a distance (July 2015)
Church of St. Margaret of Antioch from a distance
North-East view fro the lighthouse (July 2015)
North-East view fro the lighthouse
Julka 50 (August 2015)
Julka 50
Miroslav Šatan (October 2015)
Miroslav Šatan
Beautiful autumn day (October 2015)
Beautiful autumn day
Hunter (December 2015)

This album includes subalbums:
Angie - Good-bye for a while!; Miscellaneous; The 22nd Annual Slovak Ball; Blizzard; Central Park; Hunter; Metropolitan Museum; Fašiangová zábava; Knee; Lunar New Year celebration in Chinatown; Samko; Eugenic Minds; Hunter Apres-Ski + MDŽ; Saskia Martinská: Reflections - Exhibition opening; Hunter; Roadtrip around US with two Slovak girls; Macy's Flower Show; Klobáska; Hunter - end of season; Igor's moving; The balcony party; The spring is here; Party; Picnic in Central Park; Central Park; Europe; IMT Smile; Central Park; Elizabeth Molnar Rajec: Kaleidoscopic Photomontage; Sunset; BBQ; Stony Brook; Another trip to Slovakia; Southern Moravia; Rooftop Cinema; Farewell BBQ at Igor's; Fire Island; 50; Trip to Slovakia (and vicinity); Burgenland and Neusiedler See; Julka 50; Dublin; Saturday; Will Ryman - Two Rooms; Slovak Press Photo; Mako's BDay; Lunar Eclipse; How was Igor building his bedroom; Reception with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák; Martin Kállay; Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic; Oto's Birthday Party; Beautiful autumn day; Slovak Professionals Networking Event; Thanksgiving Day; Gypsies And The Rest Of Us; Predvianočná kapustnica; Christmas; Hunter;

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