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How we bought a permonik

We have decided a longer time ago that we are going to buy a PERMONIK when in Slovakia. We wanted to mark our house in Vieques by something very specific since there are no addresses on the island. People usualy name their houses instead. Permoniks were helping miners in our region for a long time throughout the history. They surely continue to help them, even though we have not seen a single one besides these plaster models.

August 2006; Total 5 photos; Where is it?

How we bought a permonik picture 8522

How we bought a permonik picture 8523

How we bought a permonik picture 8524

How we bought a permonik picture 9167
Permoník in Brooklyn
Album: 88th Anniversary of the formation of the First Republic of Czechoslovakia

How we bought a permonik picture 25225
Four years later on Vieques
Album: Day 8 - the fort, Navio, ...

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