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Venice Beach, Santa Monica (April 2002)
Venice Beach, Santa Monica
Michal's broken hands... (April 2002)
Michal's broken hands...
Tomáško in ZOO (June 2002)
Tomáško in ZOO
In front of Dobšiná's Ice Cave (August 2002)
In front of Dobšiná's Ice Cave
Jojo makes perfect soap-bubbles (September 2002)
Jojo makes perfect soap-bubbles
Niagara Falls at night (October 2002)
Niagara Falls at night
Katarína and ambassador Martin Bútora (December 2002)
Katarína and ambassador Martin Bútora
Venček Kremnica (December 2002)
Venček Kremnica
Pyromaniacs (December 2002)

This album includes subalbums:
New York
Katarína in New York
Spring 2002
School photos
Tomáško in ZOO
Grandma's birthday
Before departure to America
Autumn 2002
Katarína's apartments
Twin Lite Bike Tour
Niagara Falls
Michal's venček
Slovak Embassy
Christmas' Eve in Dolná Ves
In Uľanka
New Year's Eve

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